Individuals :
The new street chic that will get yourself noticed!
Businesses :
Branding activation !
Mini Cooper - Velvet car - TuningFilm Velvet Red + MACtac printing and protection films (JT 5629 PM + LF 3398)Do you recognize yourself in the following statements ?

  • Your car reflects your personality
  • You want to stand out from the crowd, be unique
  • You do not follow trends, you are ahead of them
  • Being hip is your motto
  • “Me too” is your worst nightmare
  • The word “boring” is not in your dictionary

… then, the One & Only MACtac TuningFilm Velvet is your gateway for stylish driving and fame!

Mini TuningFilm Velvet RedAs a company owner or marketeer, are you convinced that :

  • Brand awareness is key for success
  • Being able to initiate contact with potential customers on the go is a main focus
  • Your company car is a strong marketing tool to position your brand
  • Innovation is deeply imbedded in your corporate culture
  • Differentiation is strategic

… then, the One & Only MACtac TuningFilm Velvet is your ultimate tool to get your brand noticed and remembered : that’s what we called Branding Activation!


TuningFilm Velvet technology Dress your car in Velvet !
The fruit of 54 years of MACtac know-how and cutting edge in-house R&D team made it possible to develop:

  • A proven resistant and durable fabric made of selected fabrics
  • A unique adhesive pattern, allowing easy application, conformability, adhesion and removability on cars with original paintwork
  • A high-end UV protected, highly stable flocked cast vinyl film.
  • A fabric resistant to most oils and grease, fuel, aliphatic solvents, weak acids, salts and alkalis.
  • A deeply tinted fabric with a perfect ultra-matt finishing

More : Technical Data Sheet

Manufactured in Europe (Belgium), MACtac TuningFilms are recognized across the world as a high quality solution for the personalization and protection of cars (car wrapping, full or partial).As of today, The TuningFilm range consists of 56 colours, effects and structures carefully chosen to take the latest colour trends into account.The last new trendy effect to be added to the range is TuningFilm Velvet, an amazing velvet film with an ultra matt finish and unique smooth touch and feel.Available in Black, Red and Purple.More : Full TuningFilm available colors, effects and structures