1. What is it?

Mercedes - TuningFilm Velvet Purple (partial wrap) A specially engineered MACtac self-adhesive film that has the look and feel of a Velvet fabric and is designed to be applied on a car to personalize it. We call it car wrapping.There are 3 Velvet colors available within the current TuningFilm Velvet range.The film can be removed and the car turned back to its original appearance.

More Information : TF Velvet TDS.

Car wrapping is recommended to be done on original paintwork.

2. Can I clean it the usual way?

No problem. Cars covered with TuningFilm Velvet can be cleaned by going through a car wash (no wax added !!) or by using high pressure water jet. Refer to Audi A4 with TuningFilm velvet Black : high pressure cleaning; car wash

NB : Wait 72 hours after application for the first cleaning…. your dry cleaner service might accept it as well, just kiddin’ 😉

YouTube Preview Image Audi A4_TuningFilm Velvet Black

3. What happens with bird droppings ?

Like for any car paint, go to the car wash or clean it with high pressure water asap. Bird droppings are very acidic!!

4. What happens if it rains?

Actually, we have observed rain helps to keep TuningFilm Velvet clean, no kidding!

5. Where can I get my car dressed in TuningFilm Velvet?

Once you have chosen the desired colour and design, rely on our MACtac application partners (all around the world) for a professional application. (please fill-in the Contact Form for Information form to get a MACtac professional application partner to give you a quote).

6. How long does it take to apply TuningFilm Velvet onto a car ?

It’s quick : 1 to 2 days depending on the car model.

7. How much does it cost to get a car fully Velvetized?

Prices may vary from country to country and from car model to car model. Best, is to fill-in the I Want Velvet Contact Form to get a MACtac professional application partner to give you a personalized quotation. What is certain is that wrapping a car in Velvet is very cost effective given the result and attention you will receive!

8. Is it possible to brand my company car with TuningFilm Velvet?

For sure. Refer to the Mini Cooper reference. The film can be cut into letters, graphics and stripes easily and then applied onto your car. One of our professional customers got his signature cut out of TuningFilm Velvet and applied to his office door!It’s certainly one of the most efficient way to raise your company brand awareness.

9. Does it actually give an extra protection to my car body paint?

Yes! The film forms a protective layer over the paint and protects it from minor scratches and stone chips.

10. Let say, I want to sell my car or get a new finish, can I safely remove the film?

Selling ? New colour ? Just remove the film !

Important : Do not remove the film yourself. Ask a professional MACtac applicator to remove it. TuningFilm is easy and quick to remove when done by a professional without damaging your original paintwork.

11. I am going to feel like someone unique ?

For sure and it feels good.

12. Mini Cooper HD video & pictures credits?

Video : TechnoVisual, www.technovisual.co.uk